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Nurse-to-patient ratios to become law 19-09-2015

The ratios of nurses and midwives to patients in Victorian hospitals set out in the nurses' Public Sector Enterprise Agreement are to become law under new moves announced by the Premier

Calls mount for more dementia content in undergraduate nursing degrees 18-09-2015

Consumers and student nurses have backed the calls of a leading aged care provider for a greater emphasis on dementia care in undergraduate nursing degrees, but deans say undergraduate courses can’t look at individual diseases at a specialist level.

McGrath Foundation uses 10th anniversary to highlight growing demand for breast cancer services 17-09-2015

With breast cancer diagnosis rates increasing, as well as better survival rates and an aging population, experts are scrambling to find ways to cope with growing demands around patient care.

Do Something New - AnneMarie White at the Nurses's Museum 28-08-2015

This museum is a living tribute to the Florence Nightingales of yesteryear and today. It is quirky, historic- as museums should be.. [+audio]

Inquiry into nursing homes goes strangely quiet as talk turns to deadly events 20-08-2015

Parliamentary inquiries are usually dry affairs. But a state upper house inquiry into a push to remove registered nurses from nursing homes has taken a dramatic turn from regulation and finance to murder and intrigue.

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Anyone else having issues logging into my.tafe GCIT for online enrolled nursing course, I have a heap of study to do and cannot get in

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