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Monday 06 May 2013 6:40:13 pm

Re: Advice on options to do a Diploma of Nursing (please)

what ever you  do use a proper training organisation like rmit or the ANF ( Vic branch) as these private ones are only after your money , not really interested in teaching you and take forever to give you your certificate and up load it to APR HA  I spent two years travelling backwards and forwards to melb one day a week with Partners in Training Australia. they are hopeless, they don't give work back, no feed back, treat you like little children. cant organise good placements if they organise it at all. alot of work had to be done at home and alot of their referances were out of date, so you had to find it yourself and teach your self. don't be fooled one day a week at school is not enough to learn it. then when you do finally get to go to work you find out that they have forgot to teach you things. my advice would be to enroll in Charles Sturt Uni distant ed and do Div 1. Especially if you already have  degree. they are really supportive, everything is online and residential schools twice a year and placement close to home. if i had known that i would have done batchelor of nursing rather than diploma. cheers j.c