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Friday 07 June 2013 1:30:18 pm

Re: Assistant in Nursing to Registered Nurse..

Hi dustylou,

There are a couple of options for you.  You can do your EEN's first, around 18 months full time (not sure how long part time), and work as an AIN as you study.  From there, once you graduate with your Diploma of Nursing (EEN), you can then enter university to commence your Bachelor of Nursing (RN).  Most universities give you credit towards your degree, as you are already an EEN.

The other option is to go straight into your RN at university.  Either 3 years full time, or as you said up to 6 years part time (you can cut this time down at some universities, purely by studying through summer).  FYI, I personally did the first option I mentioned.  I worked as a PC for 18 months while I did my EEN's full-time, then when I graduated in November 2011, I began working as an EEN. In February of 2012, I started at university to commence my Bachelor of Nursing.  My university gave me a whole year credit, so I started in second year.  Let me tell you, that going into university as an EEN, with all the experience,  I definitely had more knowledge and skill base than those that had started fresh from first year (and no health background what so ever).  With that said, it has only taken me an extra 6 months to become an RN (1.5 years for EEN, 2 years for RN), and as I have been working as an EEN for the last 18 months,  I have earned a lot more money than if I was working as a PC or AIN. 

If I could recommend anything, it would be do do your diploma first, then your Bachelor of Nursing. I did not do distance eduction, but it is possible at most Tafe's/universities. Keep in mind, distance education is a tad harder than face-to face, however if you are disciplined, you can do it!!  You will be provided with a lot of support to help you through.

Also, another piece of info for you, as you are working in aged care, you may be eligible for incentive payments from the government if you decide to do your EEN's and/or RN's.

For your EEN's you can get $1000 when you commence your studies, and $1500 when you finish

For your RN's you can get $2000 when you commence your studies, and $3000 when you finish.

I was lucky enough to be eligible for all of the above, so financially is of great help.  Here is the link 

I hope that I have helped in some way :)