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Queensland election: Labor guarantees 4,000 graduate nurses under $111 million-plan 25-01-2015

Queensland's Opposition leader has guaranteed 4,000 graduate nurses will be employed for at least a year under a $111 million-plan if Labor is elected.

Team-based care using home monitoring technologies 26-01-2015

Preliminary results from a integrated home telehealth project involving team care arrangements and a variety of readily available technologies has shown that cost savings through nurse visiting and travel time can offset the cost of the equipment, and potentially lead to better health outcomes for patients living at home.

Toowoomba nurse wins national accolades 25-01-2015

TOOWOOMBA Hospital clinical nurse consultant Robyn Dealtry's work in pain management has earned her a national accolade.

Review of penalty rates: Nurses and hospitality workers hit out at proposed changes 23-01-2015

Nurses and hospitality workers have lashed out at the Abbott government's Productivity Commission industrial relations review, which was accidentally released early on Thursday.

Nursing jobs face the axe in sweeping changes at RDNS 22-01-2015

Nursing jobs are under threat as the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) moves to cut 84 positions.

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enrolled nurse scope of practice

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Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:07 pm

I'm currently studying Bachelor of Nursing and completed my Diploma of Nursing in december 2012. I had a debate today with a friend who is an EN graduate who stipulated that EN's scope of practice extends now to PICC & CVC however I was under the impression that this was not within the scope of practice at least when I was at TAFE studying anyone in the field would appreciate your feedback

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