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Invite for Newcastle Nurses & Allied Health

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Author Invite for Newcastle Nurses & Allied Health



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Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:04 am

Please feel free to distribute to any of your networks/ colleagues

who share an interest in this issue.


***Invitation to discus the formation of an

Integrative Health Network for the Hunter Region***

There are an increasing number of professionals in the Hunter Region who are facing the unique challenges associated with integrating complementary non-mainstream therapies and into their every-day practice.

This is an open invitation to any Hunter Valley-based practitioners (nurses, allied health and others) - working in any setting - who are using complementary and "alternative" approaches in their work, and who would like to explore the possibility of forming a network with other professionals working in similar ways and facing similar issues.


(1) Any "mainstream" professionals (doctors, nurses, allied health, pharmacists, medical scientists, psychologists, teachers, etc.) who also integrate complementary or "alternative" methods/ approaches - e.g. Doctors using acupuncture or nutritional regiemes, nurses using massage therapies or aromatherapies, teachers using physical/ neurodevelopmental therapies, psychologists using biofeedback, etc.

(2) Mainstream practitioners working in non-mainstream settings (e.g. Anthroposophical Doctors, Steiner teachers, Birth Centre Midwives,Nurses in private practice, etc)

(3) Students with an interest in integrative

approaches to health, nursing & medicine are also welcome.


Hunter Valley Kinesiology & Natural Health Centre

Evatt Chambers

19 Mitchell Drive, Greenhills, 2323

(next to Greenhills Veterinary Hospital)


Thursday, May 11th, 6pm -7pm


The gathering will be relaxed and semi-formal.

(1) Meet and hear about each other's work,

(2) What are people's ideas about what would be

useful/ beneficial in a network?

(3) If it appears that a local network may be viable/

beneficial - where to from here?

(4) Break for coffee/ nibbles


to Alice Campbell ph: 4934 2349

by Monday 8th May (***essential, for catering and

seating purposes!!!)

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