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Saturday 08 June 2013 10:39:29 am

Re: Graduate RN nurses who missed out New Grad Positions /PETITION

For those who bothered to reply and signed our petition, and liked our FACEBOOK page thank you from the bottom of our heart. Those who put not so positive comments here, we thank you too. You have made our petition even more worth while.We don't know your circumstances and you do not know our circumstances, so do not put judgmental comments... at least if you do not have something good to say, do not say anything. Your negative comments will not deter us from talking about the current health system which is undermining the patient safety, and not employing all but again ALL New Graduate Nurses who deserve a chance to practice their RN skills to get that "one year experience".I will leave you with this video which gives out loud message. Just listen, " It's the health care disgrace.They're fully qualified and willing to go anywhere for work. But why are so many nurses begging for jobs? " you again for those who have supported us and send us their positive and encouraging comments..Bea