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Wednesday 08 February 2017 2:37:33 am

Re: Diploma of nursing rmit 2017

Yeah, my close friend is starting, I am not because it's a year since I've graduated God bless.X-D

Now i will have to give prompts to my friend on entering and studying, geez.

God bless that was not hard for me, I was accepted at once, people say that im lucky and I will agreeB-D When I was writing my research paper I even managed to find a directions and sources for my topic - Patients fall and prevention measures  on one site, it also has statistics, guidelines and all that stuff I needed, -

If you’re lucky enough, the guideline for your institution may also include the capstone project resources such as Proposal Outline, Capstone dates and Deadlines, Presentation Outline, Submission Checklist and the array of data with useful tips considering libraries. Good luck for those who enter in 2017! And may the piece be with you (p.s pick the right topic for capstones)