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Location:Perth WA

Friday 26 April 2013 9:37:27 pm

Re: EN or RN - choosing between the two


I am happy to have a chat to your about studying at Challenger for Diploma of EN - since I finished in November 2012 - so still fresh in my mind.

Unlike a few fellow graduates over in the east - there are an abundance of grad positions for EN's and RN's in Perth.  I got six job offers both from private and public hospitals.  I believe 90% of my class got grad positions and a couple have gone to study RN straight away.

If you email me on I am happy to chat.  I think you sent me a PM via this site - but for some reason I can't access it.

Good luck everyone.  I personally found the Dip of EN great, manageable with kids and a job and now am very happily working at one of the top private hospitals in Perth as a grad EN.  All worth the effort!