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Friday 24 March 2017 12:21:24 pm

Re: EN work placements

I'm guessing you've probably already started but I'll do my best here:
1) We completed 2 placements in the first year: aged care and community/district OR mental health OR rehabilitation nursing. In 2nd year we have acute, medications, then IV. It will probably depend on who you study through though.
2) Tabner's Nursing Care! AMAZING! and Lewis' Medical Surgical Nursing. These two have been my core books for information and assignments. Oh and Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, nursing & health professionals. You'll need that one. All 3 are pretty expensive, but worth the money! I also found Wound Care Manual (Carville) very useful for the wound care subject.
3) I don't really know of any generic ones for first year, but honestly we have more case studies than exams anyway. Flinders (online) has great practice quizzes when you get up to meds.
4) depends on which placement you're up to. You're best to go for a variety of facilities/wards to get the most out of your placements.
5) Ours doesn't have one. I wish it did!
6) I honestly have no idea, but if you chat to your provider they should be able to help you out there. GoTafe gave everyone an estimate at enrolment day.
I had 2 under 2 when I started. It's definitely do-able if you set your mind to it! (oh and google SCHOLAR is your friend for finding references if you can't access EBSCO or JBI)