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Monday 06 March 2017 4:49:04 pm

Re: Master of Nursing (2years) or Bachelor of Nursing (3years)

Thank you very much for all your replies. This is a bit of an update: I've started a Masters program instead of a Bachelors in Nursing. The message I'm getting from all my conversations with the staff is good course marks and clinical references are more important than volunteer experience. This is not to say that volunteer experiences do not count; One professor said that the ideal candidate for a  grad. program  has both great marks and experience in leadership, communication and professional conduct. However, if I were to start struggling in balancing study and experience work,  I would prioritize my study. At present, I've got a year to create a stellar resume in time for the 2019 graduate intake interviews. In that time, I'm hoping that I can do well in both my studies and experience work. My best wishes  to all  the nursing students out there.