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Saturday 04 May 2013 7:56:29 pm

Re: Study Load in 1st Semester

Hi EmmaAnderson,

I started the diploma at the start of the year in Victoria. I study part time two days a week and work full time. It's not easy the study load is big there is so much to learn. Hope I don't scare you. When I am not at work I study. There have been a few full time students that do four days a week change to part time because of the work load. Everyone is different though and you might cope really well. With every subject so far there has been four assessments for each. I am currently studying anatomy and physiology, and feel like I don't put my books down having to learn all the body systems, but I love it knowing at the end I will be a nurse and then hopefully go to uni. 

Feel free to ask more questions.