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Just started cert 3 looking for advice!

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Author Just started cert 3 looking for advice!



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Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:01 pm

Hello all,

I am new here and I'm sure this has been asked before but here goes. I have just started Cert 3 in aged care with TAFE distance.

I am unsure as to how I go about getting vocational placement as I currently do not work in this field. I have been applying for many jobs 

but of course without experience/qualifications it is quite difficult. Is it best just to keep emailing centres regarding volunteer work or is there somewhere 

I can go specifically to find vocational placement for this course? I have tried getting in contact with my tutor but she seems to be very busy 

and is hard to get a hold of.

Any help or advice would be grand!

So glad I found this website, so much great information and encouragement happening here!



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Jan 29, 2013, 06:07 pm

I also have just started Cert 3 in Aged Care but at a Training Service Provider centre. We were told today 29/1/13 that we will be placed in Nursing Homes or facilities similar unless we can find one ourselves.

My suggestion to you is rather than phone or email the facilities rock up at their door (if they are within your transport capabilities) and introduce yourself.  I plan to go to several nursing homes within a certain kilometre range and ask them in person.  Have you asked at the reception desk at the TAFE regarding how they place students for their vocational placement?  Surely they would have that information.  My lecturer is also very busy with over 35 students in the class so finding time to see her if also difficult.

I am having some difficulties in answering some of the questions as I have no knowledge/experience in this field.  In some regards I am lost.

One question in particular wants me to find out what documentation is required regarding my responsibilities for client's record of medication, incident reports & adverse drug incident reports.  I visited a nursing home on my way home today to see if I could get an answer and they told me to ask my lecturer.  We are supposed to do research but don't know where to start.  Nursing home wasn't too helpful.

I am hoping that other users can help us out and in return, possibly help them out also.



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May 11, 2013, 05:31 am Last edited May 11, 2013, 05:31 am update #1

Are you with a job agency? If so, ask them to liaise with a local aged care facility to help you get into volunteering. That's your best bet; once you're volunteering, you have a foot in the door for your course placement, which (if you do well) could lead to a job offer.

Best of luck! It's hard to get in there, I know. But yeah, I'd definitely try volunteering!

As for the documentation question, the best place to look is a job description/organisational policy. Also, look very closely at your course book/moodle/etc; quite often the answer is in there via a link or such. I'm curious why you're being asked to research those, though, since Cert III is for caregivers, and medication should only be administered by EN's/RN's. Maybe it's a trick question? A job description would be a good place to start for that.

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