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Advice would be greatly appreciated - what would suit me?

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Author Advice would be greatly appreciated - what would suit me?



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Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:11 pm Last edited Nov 27, 2014, 09:26 pm Update #1

Hello everyone,

I am new here and was hoping I could 'pick some brains' regarding becoming a nurse. I am from Europe and where I'm from, the study path is slightly more straight forward than it seems to be here (one way to study to be a nurse, and then you train up and specialize after that while working). I have done some research but I know from experience nobody can give better insight than people who have walked the walk :)

I studied history at home, at one of the world's top unis, but Arts & Humanities has always been my forte. However when my fiance got sick a year ago (brain tumour) and our cats got sick throughout the year as well (we had a great 2014, thank you :-p) I started realizing that I am really interested in the medical field and though the situation was horrible, I enjoyed learning "how to fix living creatures" :) I would love to study to become a nurse.

Given our recent situation (my fiance is all better now, thank Medical Science :) ) we currently have only one income (mine) and live with my parents in law. We don't really have the resources for me to go back to school for 3+ years. However, I am considering whether becoming an EN would be suitable for me.

- Any nurses here with a previous Arts & Humanities background; did you feel your non-science background was a serious limitation or was it just a (fun) challenge?

- I would really like to end up working in one of the following areas: neurology, intensive care, mental healthcare, surgical nursing (I realize this is very popular), infection control, wound care, perhaps oncology... would these areas/specializations be suitable for an (E)EN, or would a RN have more tasks relating to this.

- I am reading a lot of aged-care overtone in EN information... I have no issue with aged care at all, but it is not where I would want to end up. Is my impression that ENs mostly work in aged care wrong? It probably is, I just wanted to ask to be sure.

- If I were to get a Diploma of Nursing and work as an EN, would the 'threshold' for later on becoming an RN be lower (intellectually but also practically - would it be faster for an experienced EN to become an RN)?

Any advice on any of the above would be so much appreciated.

I understand my questions are very basic and if you have read this far I want to thank you for your time :)


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