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Plenty of care in the air 13-05-2018

With about 350,000 registered nurses in Australia, it’s no surprise to find them in our hospitals, community health centres and aged care facilities. But there are some environments where seeing a nurse makes most of us do a double take.

Nurses and midwives look at Ratios and 'excellence in care' 11-05-2018

International Midwives Day was celebrated globally on May 5, while International Nurses Day will be recognised tomorrow, Saturday May 12. These days are an occasion to celebrate, commemorate and increase awareness of the contribution of midwives and nurses towards patients all over the world.

Babies 'don't count' when calculating nurse-to-patient ratios 26-04-2018

Our ageing and growing population has not been matched by hospital staffing levels, creating compound problems on wards, nurses say. And babies need to be counted when nurse-to-patient ratios are calculated, for the sake of hospital patients as well as staff.

Nurses demand new legislation around aged-care staff ratio 12-05-2018

AROUND two hundred nurses, aged care workers and the community have taken part in a rally to call on the Federal Government to legislate for improved staffing ratios in residential aged care.

NSW teachers, nurses, face housing despair 05-02-2018

Skyrocketing housing prices have pushed teachers and nurses out of Sydney prompting fears of worker shortages in critical areas.

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News items that concern or are of interest to Australian nurses.

Newcastle nurse banned for taking aged care patient on a date and 'making out' - SMH

A man and a woman went to the Stag and Hunter pub in Newcastle for drinks, had lunch, and went back to her room to "make out".

Nurse faces hearing over vaccination 'lie' - Herald Sun

A MELBOURNE hospital nurse who boasts of refusing to vaccinate patients is under ­review for allegedly lying about her immunisation status so she can continue to work.

Australia's most distinguished war nurse Vivian Statham remembered at Australian War Memorial - ABC News

The medals of Australia's most distinguished war nurse have been donated to the Australian War Memorial, joining her clandestine diaries, photographs and the bullet-riddled uniform she wore during her captivity as a prisoner of war.

Nurses must have power to discharge patients from hospitals - Adelaide Now

NURSES should be given more responsibility to discharge patients to clear hospital beds and reduce the number of days people stay, the nurses union says. Specialist doctors are often called into hospitals on weekends, at extra cost, to approve large numbers of patients to go home.

Nurses, midwives may walk away from jobs if they lose penalty rates - The Australian

More than 80 per cent of nurses and midwives would consider abandoning their jobs if penalty rates were stripped from them, with many citing the Christmas period as the worst time to work, a nationwide survey reveals.

Flying on borrowed time: Robin Miller the sugar bird lady - ABC News

Robin Miller was a lauded West Australian pilot and Royal Flying Doctor Service flight nurse who brought modern medicine to north-western Australia while breaking down barriers for women in aviation. [+audio]

New nurse-to-patient ratio to see 250 nurses hired in Queensland - ABC News

The Queensland Government has moved to ensure there are always enough nurses to care for patients in the state's public hospitals. It has introduced legislation to Parliament that would require public sector health facilities to provide one nurse or midwife for every four patients during the day, and one nurse to every seven patients overnight.

Night shift nurses call for equal rates after pay 'oversight' - Canberra Times

Nurses working the overnight 12-hour shift at Canberra Hospital have attacked the ACT government for failing to fix an "oversight" which has cost them more than $1000 each a year.

Many nurses regret choosing the profession despite being satisfied with their pay - IBT

Forty-four percent of nurses would choose a different career if given the chance to do it all again. Despite earning  $95,000 to $170,000, many expressed dissatisfaction with the job, the research reports

Bid to cut nurses' overtime not addressing root cause, union says - ABC News

The Tasmanian Government's decision to cut nurses' overtime has been met with a lukewarm response from the union and Opposition. From January, nurses will not be able to work for more than 12 hours straight, unless it is under exceptional circumstances.