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Plenty of care in the air 13-05-2018

With about 350,000 registered nurses in Australia, it’s no surprise to find them in our hospitals, community health centres and aged care facilities. But there are some environments where seeing a nurse makes most of us do a double take.

Nurses and midwives look at Ratios and 'excellence in care' 11-05-2018

International Midwives Day was celebrated globally on May 5, while International Nurses Day will be recognised tomorrow, Saturday May 12. These days are an occasion to celebrate, commemorate and increase awareness of the contribution of midwives and nurses towards patients all over the world.

Babies 'don't count' when calculating nurse-to-patient ratios 26-04-2018

Our ageing and growing population has not been matched by hospital staffing levels, creating compound problems on wards, nurses say. And babies need to be counted when nurse-to-patient ratios are calculated, for the sake of hospital patients as well as staff.

Nurses demand new legislation around aged-care staff ratio 12-05-2018

AROUND two hundred nurses, aged care workers and the community have taken part in a rally to call on the Federal Government to legislate for improved staffing ratios in residential aged care.

NSW teachers, nurses, face housing despair 05-02-2018

Skyrocketing housing prices have pushed teachers and nurses out of Sydney prompting fears of worker shortages in critical areas.

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News items that concern or are of interest to Australian nurses.

Coroner Evelyn Vicker finds death of teenager Andrew Allan was avoidable - Perth Now

A CORONER has found a 16-year-old boy who was turned away from Northam Hospital may have lived if the nurse who assessed him followed basic procedural steps.

Joel comes out on top after a busy year - The Standard

MOVING house, welcoming a new baby into the world and having surgery is stress enough for most — but Warrnambool nurse Joel Chadwick decided it wasn’t quite enough for one year.

New recruits for Lake Grace Hospital - Wagin Argus

LAKE Grace Hospital recently recruited two new nurses, Shanavas Mookada Ali and Jomon Jose.

The Valley's Woman of the Year - Daily Examiner

ANNE FARRELL has been described as a quiet achiever with an extraordinary level of care and dedication to her profession, her patients, and her community.

Australia's first stand-alone nurse practitioner clinic closes - ABC News

Just two years ago, the Federal Government hailed historic legislation, giving nurses access to the Medical and Pharmaceutical Benefits Schemes. But now, the nation's first stand-alone nurse practitioner clinic is closing and reverting to a traditional GP model. [Audio]

Wendy Waters: nurse practitioner - Yass Tribune

Coming from her training at a large city hospital, Wendy Waters had no idea how the work of a small rural hospital would compare. After 31 years at Yass Health Service, she says it is quite amazing what the nurses do with such limited resources.

Nurse caught drink driving in McDonalds drive-thru - Bay Post

A nurse seeking coffee and a burger at 2.15am blew three times the legal limit after Batemans Bay police stopped her as she drove away from the McDonald’s drive-through on Vesper St.

International Nurses Day celebrated - Harden Express

IT WAS was a sunny morning when local nurses celebrated International Nurses Day with barbecue on May 12.

Treasure Trove: Sister Morrice and Sister Helen - ABC News

Australian nurses have been going to war for well over 100 years - Sister Helen came back to Australia by mail.

Mental health funding freeze questioned - ABC News

Mental health practitioners in north-west Victoria are upset about a freeze on funding for a growing mental health program.