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NSW teachers, nurses, face housing despair 05-02-2018

Skyrocketing housing prices have pushed teachers and nurses out of Sydney prompting fears of worker shortages in critical areas.

‘White privilege’ storm over nursing code 01-02-2018

Health authorities have been criticised for seemingly encouraging nurses and midwives to acknowledge “white privilege” when treating Aboriginal and Torres Strait ­Islander patients.

Queensland election: LNP unveils payroll tax threshold plan to create 500,000 jobs 30-10-2017

The LNP says it will lift the payroll tax threshold for businesses by $25,000 a year for ten years, and will aim to create 500,000 jobs.

Big pharma's cash splash on nurses, dietitians and pharmacists for services 26-10-2017

Nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other allied health workers are getting millions of dollars in payments from big pharmaceutical companies for their services.

Extra frontline staff for CQ health services 30-10-2017

CENTRAL Queenslanders could have better health services access with the latest promise from the Australian Labor Party as part of the State Election campaign.

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Latest Nursing News

News items that concern or are of interest to Australian nurses.

Stoic nurses stared down an atrocious death - Sydney Morning Herald

The courage of marooned World War II nurses in the face of slaughter still resonates, writes Steve Meacham.

Concern and care - Yass Tribune

Nursing came naturally to Barbara McKeown AM, whose compassion and generosity lent itself to the profession.

Must our final years also be the darkest? - National Times

My mother's experience in nursing homes left me with haunting questions.

Learning nursing Coota style - Cootamundra Herald

FOR the past six weeks Cootamundra has played host to two Indian nurses conducting their nursing bridging training at the local hospital.

Nurses inspire with Real Inspirations - NCAH

Two Melbourne nurses are producing a book showcasing the inspirational lives of people, including patients and healthcare workers.

Stop-work rally a 'last resort' - North West Weekly

MENTAL health workers in the west say they are tired of being overworked and underpaid.

Health forum backs federal takeover - ABC News

A north-west community forum has called for a federal takeover of Tasmania's health system.

Leila takes time to reflect - The Chronicle

THE hospital ward fell silent as the radio crackled a message from the Prime Minister, his voice thick and low.

Nurse in training - Moree Champion

Gracen Bussell, 16, has been busy learning new skills at the Moree District Health Service.

Aboriginal PhD a first for USQ - The Chronicle

On Saturday, Ms Best became the first indigenous person to graduate from the University of Southern Queensland with a Doctorate in Nursing.