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NSW teachers, nurses, face housing despair 05-02-2018

Skyrocketing housing prices have pushed teachers and nurses out of Sydney prompting fears of worker shortages in critical areas.

‘White privilege’ storm over nursing code 01-02-2018

Health authorities have been criticised for seemingly encouraging nurses and midwives to acknowledge “white privilege” when treating Aboriginal and Torres Strait ­Islander patients.

Queensland election: LNP unveils payroll tax threshold plan to create 500,000 jobs 30-10-2017

The LNP says it will lift the payroll tax threshold for businesses by $25,000 a year for ten years, and will aim to create 500,000 jobs.

Big pharma's cash splash on nurses, dietitians and pharmacists for services 26-10-2017

Nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other allied health workers are getting millions of dollars in payments from big pharmaceutical companies for their services.

Extra frontline staff for CQ health services 30-10-2017

CENTRAL Queenslanders could have better health services access with the latest promise from the Australian Labor Party as part of the State Election campaign.

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Latest Nursing News

News items that concern or are of interest to Australian nurses.

Accolade for nursing researcher - NCAH

A Queensland nursing researcher focused on improving patient safety has been recognised with an award for her work.

Conference inspires primary health care nurses - NCAH

More than 400 primary health care nurses have gathered to network, learn, discuss and be inspired as part of the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association’s (APNA) sixth national conference in Sydney.

Queensland to recruit an extra 100 ambulance officers - NCAH

Queensland will receive 155 new and replacement ambulances and recruit an extra 100 ambulance officers in 2014-15.

NSW nurse failed basic life support test - 9News

When a registered Sydney nurse with more than 15 years experience failed a basic life support test, it was clear something was wrong.

When a registered Sydney nurse with more than 15 years experience failed a basic life support test, it was clear something was wrong.

PACU nursing on a floating hospital - NCAH

Victorian nurse Michelle McEwan has cared for some of the world’s poorest people on the threshold of new lives.

Canberran's computer program may prove to be a life and cost saver - Canberra Times

A hospital computer system invented by a Canberra man is helping cut down on paperwork and letting nurses spend more time with patients, with a successful trial of the IT system finding it could potentially save lives and millions of dollars.

Nurses can't find jobs - ABC Lateline

Up to three thousand graduate nurses haven't managed to get jobs in hospitals and unions are blaming a rise in the number of foreign nurses being brought into the country on 457 working visas.

Who is caring for Victoria's nurses? - The Age

Nurses are selfless, stressed - and increasingly sick. Through a harrowing series of anecdotes, Kathy Evans shows why the entire community is at risk when the carers are not adequately cared for.

Nursing jobs are being outsourced to cheap 457 visa immigrants -


HUNDREDS of graduate nurses and midwives are struggling to get jobs and complain of being locked out of the workforce at the same time as hospitals are employing thousands of foreign nurses on temporary 457 visas.

Anderson honours local nurses’ skills - Namoi Valley Independant

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson has thanked local nurses and midwives for their commitment, compassion and professionalism when caring for patients in the NSW public health system.