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NSW teachers, nurses, face housing despair 05-02-2018

Skyrocketing housing prices have pushed teachers and nurses out of Sydney prompting fears of worker shortages in critical areas.

‘White privilege’ storm over nursing code 01-02-2018

Health authorities have been criticised for seemingly encouraging nurses and midwives to acknowledge “white privilege” when treating Aboriginal and Torres Strait ­Islander patients.

Queensland election: LNP unveils payroll tax threshold plan to create 500,000 jobs 30-10-2017

The LNP says it will lift the payroll tax threshold for businesses by $25,000 a year for ten years, and will aim to create 500,000 jobs.

Big pharma's cash splash on nurses, dietitians and pharmacists for services 26-10-2017

Nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other allied health workers are getting millions of dollars in payments from big pharmaceutical companies for their services.

Extra frontline staff for CQ health services 30-10-2017

CENTRAL Queenslanders could have better health services access with the latest promise from the Australian Labor Party as part of the State Election campaign.



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Latest Nursing News

News items that concern or are of interest to Australian nurses.

Get networking to advance your nursing career - NCAH

Nurses are tapping into a unique networking opportunity to discuss local professional issues and advance their professional development. Karen Keast meets a young nurse leader striving to connect nurses through the initiative.

Midwives wanted for emotional well-being survey - NCAH

A new survey will explore the emotional well-being of Australian midwives and create strategies to keep midwives happy and healthy at work.

Hospital doctors failing to wash their hands - ABC AM

New research has found Australian doctors are failing to wash their hands in hospitals as often as they should. Nurses though are far more likely to follow the rules and they're now being urged to broach the subject with the medicos.[+audio]

Auckland nursing and midwifery jobs at risk - NCAH

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) holds fears nursing and midwifery jobs could be targeted after Auckland District Health Board (DHB) revealed plans to introduce cost-cutting measures.

Trained nurses commit to treating the homeless on the street in Melbourne’s CBD - Herald Sun

TRAINED nurses are walking CBD streets late at night to care for hundreds of homeless people.

Sepsis-related deaths decline - NCAH

Australia and New Zealand now have the lowest rates of mortality for ICU sepsis in the world, according to the results of a new study.

University of Adelaide Medical and Nursing building - Architecture and Design

Designed by Lyons Architects and to be developed by Lend Lease Corporation, the new Medical and Nursing school planned for the University of Adelaide will be situated in the SA Health and Biomedical Precinct in the university’s West-End.

Remote Aboriginal health a passion for Andriette - 612 ABC Brisbane

Andriette Du Plessis has worked as a nurse overseas and in Australia for over 30 years - but chose to take up a role in remote North West Queensland.[audio]

Wauchope to Africa - Wauchope Gazette

"THERE is no better thing than to see people with such joyful smiles and such happiness living in places with the bare necessities," said Wauchope nurse Becky-Lee Young of her recent two-month commitment with international charity Mercy Ships.

Mildura's growing refugee health program - ABC Mildura - Swan Hill

Mildura's refugee health program is expanding. So what does it take to be a refugee health nurse?