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New Sponsor 12-09-2019

NurseCentral welcome Da Loop as a new advertising sponsor. 

At Da Loop we believe everyone can reduce their environmental footprint. Why buy new when you can save money and the planet with beautiful, preloved fashion?

We stock quality, recycled clothing and accessories at affordable prices, from smart staples to that funky, unique piece you won't find anywhere else.

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NurseCentral notifications fixed 03-09-2019

We apologise for an issue that had arisen on NurseCentral where notifications of new content had failed. This would have led to numerous posts not being read and responded to by our members over the past few months. 

This issue has now been rectified and hopefully notifications all run smoothly from now on.

Hospitals in Australia to Provide Doctors, Nurses & Security Personnel with Body Armor 01-01-2019

West Australian hospital patients and visitors have increasingly become more aggressive and even violent. For their safety, the doctors and nurses as well as security personnel will soon be issued body armor.

The Australian Health Department has placed an order for 250 custom body armor vests, claiming the protective armor was needed “to enhance the safety of employees most at risk of being injured by the increase in aggression and violence in hospital settings.” 

Robotic Nurse Assistant (RONA) Current And Future Market Size 01-01-2019

Robotic nurse assistant or robotic nursing also known as ‘Carebots’ is the use of autonomous mobile robots which are  designed and programmed to perform tasks related to assist (but not replace) nurses in hospitals, care facilities or even homes for treatment and medical care of people especially elderly and physically disabled ones. Robot nurses are also used for performing several routine tasks such as collecting blood sugar and pressure levels.

The Dangerous Allure of Breech Birth at Home – and a Problematic New Paper 31-12-2018

At first glance, I thought I’d misunderstood it. I just didn’t expect to see a paper with so much spin about high-risk home birth in a mainstream specialist journal. This one claimed that, in essence, all you need is the right practitioner for breech birth to be safe at home. And it was amplified by the authors on the journal’s blog, too. Why do I think this was dangerous and misleading, and what does the case show about the editorial process of the journal that published and promoted it?

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