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Cert 3 in Aged Care

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I have recently started a Cert 3 in Aged Care. I am only up to the third unit. Work Effectively with Older People. I am doing the course online. I am having serious trouble going through the workbook and relating the information to the Case Studies. I am not understanding/finding the info in the work book. I am slightly not understanding how to take the info from the work book and understand Quality Framework or about a fair amount of other stuff to do with the role play. I have never worked in aged care. So I don't know much of what happens in that work environment.

these questions

1)Explain key aspects of the quality framework and how they link together?

2)Give an example of how work practices must reflect an organisations policies and Procedures.

3)give examples of completed documentation that feeds into the quality system.

4) explain the various activities that your current workplace take part in for quality improvement.

number 4 bothers me most. As I have no clue of what happens in An aged care facility.

any ideas or help woul be appreciated.

thanks, trabbott74

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