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Ego above patient wellbeing??

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Author Ego above patient wellbeing??



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Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:09 am

Hi guysI am curious as to your thoughts regarding how long the medical porfession can continue to place their own ego's above quality patient care.We first saw this issue arise with the introduction of the nurse practioner. The AMA et al told all and sundry it would be the end of the world, patients would drop dead on a daily basis if anyone other than themselves prescribed medicines. In hindsight they could not have been more wrong if they tried.Yet now here they go again with the issue of indepently practising midwife's, even going so far as to blantly miscontrue statstics that go against the bery core of their arguement.How long can this continue before the medical profession see sense?Morgan


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Sep 10, 2005, 06:17 pm

I worked as a nurse practitioner in women's health some time ago as a pilot having nurses take pap smears, breast checks etc. The medical profession were outraged.. yet our brief were unscreened and underscreened women.. the ones that don't go to GP's anyway. 

Nurses can play a huge role in providing care, assessment and treatments (both medical and non medical). We do need to start and value what we do and see it more than caring, but as 'professional caring'. That is caring based on theory, evidence based practice, skill development and experience. Nurses will always put patients before their egos.



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