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Friday 03 May 2013 1:20:20 pm

Re: grad year after post grad course??

This reply is two years late, hopefully this will help others.
A few years back I was considering enrolling into an Honours course and my nursing facilitator advised me to complete a new graduate program first then do the Honours. Considering I was a UTAS student I did find out you can enrol a year later after you graduate.
I don't know the terms and conditions for other states and territories. However in the state of NSW (and correct me if this changes) if you apply in NSW for a graduate program; you must have graduated from uni within a specific time period, usually within the financial year. For example you want to apply for 2014, you would have needed to graduate within the 2013-2014 financial year. You do need to recheck the entry requirements for the program for this year, as you do for any year.
Best to go with the new graduate program – as to be eligible to apply for a Diploma in Midwifery program you would have to be registered with APHRA as a Registered Nurse (so you might as well get a new grad program) plus when you are enrolled as a student Midwife you would be paid as a Registered Nurse, the midwifery program is five days a week in total (four days at hospital, one day at uni) over a year to a year and a half depending on the hospital/area health service. And do not forget the NSW Health postgraduate scholarships to pay for studying midwifery!!!