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Tuesday 23 April 2013 2:32:19 am

Re: EN or RN - choosing between the two

Summerly - I have messaged you!

medicalpotato - Thanks for your input! You make it sound so easy on the decision making! I'm still undecided...I feel if I go to TAFE then I have wasted all of last year at uni - all the stress, assignments, family time I missed out on...

MissyA - Thanks again for your help & info! I have already spoken to the coordinator at TAFE (about a month or two ago) and we sat down to find out what I would get RPL for. Out of the 5 units at uni, I was going to be lucky to get credit for 3 maybe 4 units. But I would still have to attend those classes as they are amalgamated with other units, I would just not have to do the assessments. So therefore I would still be full time on campus. And the TAFE here only allow full time. The grad spot situation does worry me. I'm not sure if I would be interested in working in aged care but until I have done some prac, I honestly don't know. I too wouldn't chase a grad spot to a far away place as like you, my family are my life. I really want to work in health care though and nursing seems like the obvious choice!