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Sunday 14 April 2013 12:23:38 pm

Re: EN or RN - choosing between the two

Hi everyone. I completed my Diploma of Nursing last July and despite best efforts and grades did not attain a post-grad nursing position within private hospitals and public hospitals (QLD Health) were not even interested in new grad ENs. So I think I'm very very lucky and very grateful to have my position as EN in an aged care facility. The reason I'm saying this is that based on my experience in aged care there is no way I would now complete my RNs if the only option available to me was to work in residential aged care as an RN. I now realistically look at the choice between EN and RN as being one of employ-ability and as soon as I become an RN I cannot work in an EN role and new grad places for RNs are very limited. So instead of looking at the pathway, I tend to look at the destination and see how practical it will be to find employment as a grad RN and I know my classmates thought the same - 96% of the class went into aged care EN positions; 2% into new grad positions and 2% went on to study as RN. As far as studying the Diploma of Nursing goes, I'm sure you will have no problem at all. I worked full time as a Diversional Therapist in aged care while studying nursing full time in a blended class and it was do-able (and with three kids!). You will get a lot of support from your classmates and teacher. The assignments and work sheets have word limits for each question which can be challenging so make sure you put the information in there they are looking for and there are numerous oral presentations/powerpoints and debate which were great. Good luck with your decision!