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Location:Goonellabah NSW

Friday 19 April 2013 9:08:35 pm

Re: Studying nursing, harder than ever?

I think (and I am only in my FIrst Year, but I am mature age).  Nurses have a greater burden placed on them now.  Doctors are no longer seen as gods and nurses are expected to help to reduce the number of 'mistakes' through their increased knowledge.

It is, however, about Patient Care - and we are the advocates for our patients.  YES, essay writing is HARD and I really think that the marking criteria for a course that may require report writing, but will probably not ask the general nurse to write anything like an essay and certainly note in academic speak.  SO the essays should be marked on content and whether the essay shows the student has undertaken the required readings which gain knowledge.

I ... H A T E ...writing Essays.   I have written two so far, no marks back so NO IDEA if I am on the right track.  

On the other hand, there are other students, who tell me they LOVE writing essays and hate - group assignments or practical tests.  Horses for courses.  

As to teachers.  NO matter what field you choose, you will get good, bad and brilliant teachers.  We have two extraordinary teachers at SCU and the others so far have been between good and ordinary.  However, time will tell HOW good or ordinary they are when the knowledge is required to be used.  

Good police, bad police.  Good doctors, bad doctors.  And....might I say  Good nurses, bad nurses.  It is in every profession.

I HOPE I am a GOOD nurse.