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Midwifery assessment enquiry

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Author Midwifery assessment enquiry




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Sat Jul 14, 2007 7:07 pm

Hi there

I was hoping someone can assist with my enquiry regarding what are the basic assessments required for doing an assessment in this area of nursing. The reason i ask is that when i go back to canada I will be getting assessed practically in either Obstetrics or Pediatrics. Right now I am not sure as I am seeking this information out. The purpose of this assessment is because the Registering body in Alberta Canada requires me to do such assessment as it wasnt part of my nursing training at Uni. So the assessment is required prior to gaining Temporary Practice Permit to work as Nurse. Its all crazy but that is the facts. Now I need information to assist me on Obstetrics and Pediatrics.

I look forward to your reply and thanks



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Nov 08, 2007, 04:22 pm

Hi CrazyCat,
I am assuming by assessment you mean a postnal assessment? and perhaps a neonatal assessment. I don't know what it is like in Qld in most sydney hospitals they have clinical pathways which contain all sorts of key clinical assessment items including the initial assessment and the normal pathway/timeframe.
I also assume you are seeking a job o'seas? You cn grab yourself a copy of how to study for the NCLEX (at a specialty library- your local uni should have one)... you are probably aware it's a USA based test for admission to practice as a nurse but most books I have read have the essentials of each specialty including midwifery and obstetrics. the other thing you might do if you don't already work in a hospital is approach the NUM or educator of a maternity until and ask for an opportunity to observe such assessments and/or a copy of their clinical pathways... most educators are very obliging... if not go to another hospital and another till you find someone obliging. You could also contact the nursing registration authority for your state and ask them for a copy of the requirements for entry on the register as a midwife- I know they have the final word on approving any courses related to nursing practice requiring registration- they may also be able to make some suggestions.
Good luck